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As an author I have seven published books.

Free, and Free To Kill; Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt; My Art Is Where The Ohm Is; Per Ardua Ad Ulcers; After Work the Pictures; The Best Medicine, and A Dying Trade are all available from good bookshops or on line from Amazon. They are available as e-books and paperbacks.

            FREE, AND FREE TO KILL is my first mystery novel.

            I deliberately chose an unexciting cover for my book as I want the words to be remembered not some lurid picture. After all, no book has such an uninspiring cover as the bible.

           Why did the AIDS virus, a known African animal disease, strike the USA so disproportionately? Britain, France, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal still had ties to former colonies with thousands of their citizens visiting Africa every year both on business and as tourists. Yet the USA, with less than 1% of the population even holding a passport, had ten times as many victims at the outbreak of the AIDS virus. The disease had never been reported in Africa until it arrived from outside the continent. This surely indicates that the virus originated in the USA. And why did two strains of the disease coincidentally appear simultaneously?

             This well researched novel strives to answer these puzzling questions.

             Two long serving prisoners undergoing clinical trials are unexpectedly released into the community where they unwittingly commence infecting the general public. The authorities are desperate to stop the spread of infection any way they can and the released men soon discover that dark forces are on their trail.

             Pete Taylor acquires a new identity and escapes to Africa in an attempt to shake off his pursuers but the secret that he holds means he must constantly be looking over his shoulder.

            Marlon Benjamin hastily leaves San Francisco after an attempt on his life and settles in Rochester, New York. Another abortive attempt is made on his life with tragic results which leave him with but one thought on his mind - revenge. With assistance from old gang members he sets about settling scores with the people responsible.

           Meanwhile the deadly disease is wreaking havoc on the lives of ordinary folk.

           The author utilises his considerable experience of living in the USA and Africa to bring to life the areas where the action takes place.

           The book is available as a paperback for £9.75 at Amazon Books website. Also available for much less as an e-book.

           For more info visit Amazon Books website or;

          Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt is a guide to would-be travellers. It is full of good advice which could save the reader money or even his life in certain circumstances. There are chapters on Travelling, Healthcare, Accommodation, Local Customs and Culture, (very important for countries like China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia), Recreation, and Shopping. Although the topics covered are serious the book is written in a light-hearted manner and easy to read.

           The book is available new from bookshops at £12.95 and also available secondhand on the internet at prices around £10. However,new copies are available direct from the author at £3.50 plus postage. The cheapest option is to obtain the e-book from Amazon.


            "My Art Is Where The Ohm Is" is an account of the author's experiences in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Libya. It is a large book consisting of more than 400 pages with many full coloured illustrations. Anyone who has had the doubtful pleasure of working in any of the countres mentioned will enjoy reading of the author's trials and tribulations and will no doubt relive some of their own worse experiences.

         The author tells of being robbed at gunpoint in Nigeria and seeing the man sat next to him being shot. Of being arrested in Saudi Arabia and accused of planning saboutage. He also tells of how he was charged with "malicious damage to a hippopotamus in Zimbabwe" and how he was employed on Colonel Gadaffi's Great Manmade River in Libya.

          The book is available in bookshops new at £60. I know, ridiculous is it not? The high cost is due to the fact that the book was published in the USA; British publishers being terrified to produce material that dares to tell the truth about life in Saudi Arabia. It is available new from the publisher, Authorhouse, at £30. Secondhand copies are available on the internet but at daft prices. I do have a limited number of copies which I can let go at £25 to include postage to anywhere in the UK. It is a large book!

           By far the cheapest option is the e-book from Amazon at only £4.74.


            Per Ardua Ad Ulcers is my first novel which is based on my ten years as a Radar Technician in the Royal Air Force. It is now available on line and at decent bookshops. It is far cheaper than my last publication, only £11.99 (£10.14 from Amazon) for 370 pages! The ISBN number is: 978-1-8496-3200-3. Available as an e-book on Amazon at £3.90.

           After Work the Pictures is the sequel to the above book. Jim Weaver is posted to a radar unit in Germany and finds himself stationed on a flying station. Once again in the 'proper air force' he manages to fall foul of military law. Off camp he continues his search for true love with often disastrous consequences. Available as a paperback at £8.50 or an e-book at £4.21.

Press release:


             Join Jim Weaver as he leaves his job as a printing ink technician to sign up with the RAF.

               Alternating between hilariously funny and unbearably sad, this poignant tale details the ups and downs of life on various RAF Bases from the initial training through to this airman’s first posting and his eventual posting overseas to Germany.

              The author does not colour these experiences with rose-tinted spectacles and thus the reader is able to appreciate both the coarse humour of these airmen and with this comes a new understanding of both National Service and the RAF in general. The reader experiences all the ups and downs of Jim’s character so they can commiserate with him when he’s punished and celebrate his triumphs.

               A fascinating story for anyone who wants to know what National Servicemen (and women) and the RAF (particularly the men) are really like.

                 Visit Amazon Books website for best price deals and also to read reviews (12) by readers.

                 Book has also been favourably reviewed by the Coastrider, an English newspaper published in Spain.


                 The Best Medicine is a book inspired by the collection of writings and drawings in a nurse's autograph book by injured servicemen from the UK and Commonwealth in the First World War. The entries were dedicated to a voluntary nurse who worked throughout the entire war for nothing. Her name was Frances L. Hamlyn Goodban and I would be grateful for any information that anyone has on the lady. I have already had an article written about my quest in the North Devon Journal and Herald and interest expressed by the local BBC television channel.

                The Best Medicine is now available as a paperback at £6.99 and e-book at £3.53. For details, and best prices, visit Amazon books website.


                  A Dying Trade is based on a true life character who ran a nursing home for the elderly in North Devon. His own choice of residents bring him trouble enough but nothing compared to the chaos unleashed when he agrees to accept cases from the local department of Social Security; alcoholics and ex-convicts drive him to distraction.

                   It is available as a paperback at £5.99 and an e-book at £3.53.

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