As an Engineer;

            I have over forty years experience in the aviation and oil industries as a Communications Engineer/Manager/Consultant. I have worked extensively in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North and Central America.

            My expertise includes UHF, VHF, and HF Radio, Airfield and Marine Radar systems, Airfield Aids, Telephone networks, and Fibre Optics. I have installed, maintained, and commissioned systems for the UK Government, the Civil Aviation Authorities of Belize, Botswana, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, and also the Military Authorities of France, Germany, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

           As a Aeronautical Telecommunications Consultant I have carried out surveys for Civil Aviation Authorities on airfields around the globe. I have reported on existing equipment and personnel and recommended changes where appropriate. I have also carried out factory inspections on new equipment before shipment and installation, and subsequently supervised commissioning and handing over of the same equipment. As a qualified Communications Instructor I have been able to make myself understood by the many non-technical personnel who, unfortunately, seem to fill many positions of authority abroad.

          In the oil industry I have worked for international companies such as ARAMCO of Saudi Arabia and SEDCO of Nigeria for whom I single-handily installed a countrywide HF/VHF radio system.

          In between overseas contracts I have carried out many short contracts in the UK including time as a Test Engineer with Racal in Seaton where I worked on Marine Radar, and Lamda Coutant in Ilfracombe where I worked on a variety of Switch Mode Power Supply units. I also carried out two contracts with STC where I was firstly employed on the TACAN system in London and then responsible for the equalization process of a Co-axial cable telephone network between Goonhilly Downs and London.

          My last contract was two years as an Operations Manager with Alcatel in France supervising the installation of a Europewide Fibre Optic System. Before that I spent eighteen months as a Project Manager with Motorola in Morocco working with the communication systems of the Gendarmerie Royale.

            For enquiries re any suitable contracts please contact on:

            [email protected]